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Insect Screens

Venette™ Pleated Retractable insect screens for doors and windows are a modern alternative to the traditional hinged or sliding insect screens, with lots of advantages over the traditional screens.

One of the most popular features of the Venette™ pleated retractable screens is their stylish, modern finish and semi-translucent mesh which keep the view clear.

Direct from Europe; HomePlus offers the next generation of screens to keep out flies & bugs.

Screens are constructed using the very best Japanese manufactured polyester insect screen mesh, which is pleated and uses a series of high-quality Kevlar™ cords to tension the screen, thus retaining its shape, even in windy conditions. 

Cicero combines the best in European insect screen design, such as the "caterpillar" track systems for the best in modern fly screen doors at your place. The fibreglass mesh used in the Cicero screens is a flat, fine mesh, which is virtually see-through and UV resistant which is vital for longevity against the harsh NZ sun.

Like the best of modern insect screens, the track system retracts into the side frame when the door is not being used for a truly low-profile, unobtrusive finish. 

Powder-coated in a colour of your choice, usually to match the door joinery, Cicero screens really are an inconspicuous modern solution to the age-old problem of keeping annoying bugs out of your home. No wonder this style of screen is the leading screen sold in the European market.
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