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Gates - Automated

Gate Automation, Making Your Day Easier.

The ideal solution for opening and closing your Sanctuary gate in all weather; Nice automation is able for both sliding or swing gates.  An Italian range of gate automation for light or heavy, residential or intensive use, Nice automation has been designed so that you can automatically open or close your gate from inside your car, or from your home.


Combined with accessories such as safety photocells, digital keypads, and multi-button remotes, the Nice range provides the ultimate in safety, security, and functionality. The multi-function capabilities of the Nice systems, when combined with the appropriate receivers can open your gate and garage door, turn a light on or extend your awning, all done with one small remote.
The Solemyo solar power system is also available to operate selected gate systems in isolated locations where mains power is not available.
Power Supply
All systems require 230Vac to the gate controller, except for gates using the Solemyo solar power system. Nice automation systems increase the real value of your home, making your everyday actions simpler and handier to perform.
You can enter and exit your home with complete peace of mind, without even getting out of the car; the children play safely in the garden, while cats and dogs are kept off the street. You choose who enters and only on the days and at the times that you have set.
From small pedestrian gates through to large commercial gates, there is a product in the Nice range suitable for your application.
Swing or Hinged Gates
  • Small Residential Gates - Walky system
  • Lightweight Driveway Gates - Wingo system
  • Medium/Large or High Usage Gates - Toona system
Sliding Gates
  • Residential Gates - Robus 400 series
  • Commercial/High Usage Gates - Wingo 600 or 1000 series

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